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Dogs just don’t seem to get the concept of personal space. From sitting on your lap to staring at you when you’re sitting on the toilet, they somehow think that they are joined to you at the hip.

This inclination is even more obvious when it comes to bedtime. If your dog sleeps in their bed or crate, they want to be as near to you as possible. And if your dog is allowed on your bed, your dog might even be pressed up against you or lying very close as you slumber. Talk about Velcro! 

Why is that, and what is it that makes dogs want to be close to their humans when they sleep? After all, all they seem to want to do is go outside and play when they are awake. In this blog post, we’ll look at why dogs seem to always want to be close to you while they sleep and what it means. 

Why Your Dog Likes To Sleep Close To You

Dogs are pack animals, and from the day your puppy was born, it has been sleeping scrunched up against its littermates and mother in a little heap of puppies. Puppies rarely sleep alone far away from the pack, and a dog that sleeps alone might be considered an outcast and not a pack member. 

When dogs are sleeping, it is when they are at their most vulnerable. They might press up against you for protection, and also do the same to protect you. Dogs are extremely protective over their families and sleeping close is also an indication that they have taken over some security duties of the pack. 

In addition, they might also choose to press up against you for warmth, which is why puppies do that with their mothers and littermates anyway, since puppies have undeveloped coats and are more prone to the cold than adult dogs. 

Did Your Dog Suddenly Move?

While all dogs are individually different, some breeds are more attached to their pack than others that might choose to sleep alone in their beds or crates. 

Loving breeds like Golden Retrievers and companion dogs might want to always be around their owners, while independent breeds like working and guarding dogs might choose their own spots and have no problem sleeping alone. 

If your dog has always been happy sleeping alone in his bed or crate and now suddenly wants to get into bed with you constantly, it might mean something entirely different.

It could be the onset of separation anxiety, or that your dog is feeling a tad sick and could use some extra TLC. It could also be a sign of insecurity, especially if there has been a recent change like a new baby in the family, moving house, or a new pet. 

Final Thoughts 

Every dog is different. Some dogs are like Velcro and won’t leave you alone, not even for a minute, while other dogs want their own space and will happily walk off for some alone time. Either way, a dog sleeping with you is the greatest sign of affection and acceptance. 

It simply means “You are my pack. Please protect me, and let me protect you,”.

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