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Jealousy in people is a feeling that appears most often when their relationship with another person is disturbed by a third external member. 

Like us, dogs can get jealous of other puppies. But, their way of expression may vary. In dogs, the reason is almost the same, but the way they show it is different. It usually results in aggression, alienation, or rude behavior.

It most commonly appears when another pet is around the house and can lead to serious behavioral problems. Let’s dig deeper and find out more on this topic.

What Is Jealousy Between Dogs?

There are several reasons that cause jealousy in dogs. Among them, the most common is jealousy towards the owner’s relationship with other dogs.

This is how dogs show social hierarchy within the pact. Dogs are able to understand human communication signals. Because of this, they may recognize when a human creates a social bond with another pet.

They can judge when they get less reward or less food than the other pet so that they may show aggression, anger, or rude behavior.

Signs of Jealousy 

Usual signs of jealousy in dogs include:

  • Asking for extra attention from the owner
  • Acting up towards you or an object you’re interacting with 
  • Getting in between the other dog and the owner
  • Snapping

You should be careful if the dog has one of the following behaviors:

  • Aggression – Biting other dogs or objects is always a bad sign.
  • Growling – When the dog is trying to scare the new pet.
  • Accidents around the house – The dog uses all possible ways to attract your attention. It will even try to pee or poop around the house and destroy certain objects.

Try Understanding Your Dog

Your dog is “smiling jealously” because it has an instinct to protect your relationship. This behavior can turn into aggression if he feels that you are threatened in some way.

Most of the time, if it is trying to protect you, it will direct its attention to the other dog by barking, biting, or just looking. He gives his full attention to the situation until it is resolved. And after the other dog takes a nap, your pet will retreat and calm down.

The last step of understanding your jealous dog is the key differences between a jealous and a possessive dog.

How to Change Your Dog’s Behavior?

Wait for a moment when both dogs are in the same room, with no triggers, and are completely relaxed.

Then, start petting one puppy and then the other at the same pace. Go back to the first one again and do it alternately while giving them rewards for good behavior. Begin to include the new pet in daily activities together with your dog.

Another solution is to walk them in the park together, feed them lunch at the same time and bathe them together. Whenever one of them shows aggressive and bad behavior, cut off contact with him.

Make sure not to give your dog food and rewards, and do not take it for a walk during the day. In this way, both pets will learn to live in a community.

And that good behavior towards another pet is the most rewarding behavior of all.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that your dog may sometimes be jealous of another dog or a new person in your life.

This behavior is manifested with barking, growling, and getting between you and the new puppy; but, it can escalate into aggression and anger.

The same can be solved if you understand your dog and start training yourself or with help of a specialized dog trainer. Bear in mind that proper training and early socialization impact your puppy the most. 

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