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Small pets are adorable, but not easy to cater to at all times. Even the smallest dogs can have the most difficult personalities, and Chihuahuas are one of those pets. They may be small in size, but want massive attention, especially from their owners.

You might have heard how someone ended their relationship or friendship just because their Chihuahua didn’t give them approval. It may sound funny, but yes, Chihuahuas are a jealous dogbreed. It’s hard for them to tolerate new people in their owner’s life.  

The minute you divert your focus to another living thing, your Chihuahua will throw all sorts of tantrums. They will bark or whine constantly to attract you towards them and won’t stop until they succeed. Anything different than their routine is unacceptable to these little creatures.

You will see jealousy in their body language and behavior. However, it doesn’t mean the problem doesn’t have a solution. There are multiple ways to introduce your special one to your pet. From friends to new love interests, you can convince your pup to love them as much as they adore you.

How Do You Know Your Chihuahua’s Feeling Jealous?

Jealousy is an emotion found in most humans, but nowadays we can see it in dogs as well. Most of the time, Chihuahuas display anger when they feel that a third person is coming between them and their owner.

Unlike other dogs, a Chihuahua isn’t raised like a working breed. It is raised with much love and concern. They act as a companion for pet lovers. It increases the level of attachment between pets and owners. However, when that same person interacts with other humans or pets, a Chihuahua feels jealous. In other words, he feels left out and starts to behave differently.

The common signs seen in a jealous dog are:

  1. Aggression

It starts with constant whining, barking, and hugging. The moment you start interacting with someone else, they leap toward you and try to pull you away. In some scenarios, you will see your Chihuahua growling or attacking anyone who comes near you.

  1. Being Extra Clingy

Your Chihuahua will start getting close to you. It will lick your body or sit on your lap.

  1. Accidents Around the House

Apart from aggression or being extra clingy, your Chihuahua might start damaging your house. If you witness your well-trained dog having accidents every day, it is a clear indication of a problem. All these signs mean your Chihuahua isn’t satisfied with your current lifestyle.

  1. Scaring off Others

Their body language becomes different. One minute they will be relaxed, while the other minute they are alert and active. Sometimes chihuahuas push away other animals coming near their owner.

Such incidents occurring daily are not a healthy sign. If you don’t control such behavior in time, it worsens. Soon your Chihuahua won’t tolerate anyone near you and become more violent. Thus, understanding the psychology of your dog is necessary.

Try to notice your Chihuahua’s reactions and behavior daily. It helps in forming a correct judgment about them. An extremely aggressive dog needs training and assistance, or else they cause significant trouble.

Do Male and Female Chihuahuas Feel the Same Amount of Jealousy?

Choosing between male and female pets isn’t easy and determining their mood is even more difficult. Whether a person has a male or a female Chihuahua, they can feel jealous. It could be due to new friends, partners, or even a new family member. Anyone can act as a trigger.

These animals are pampered by you and can’t tolerate divided attention. Still one cannot be a hundred percent sure about their pet’s behavior. Each Chihuahua has a unique personality.

However, when one compares the level of jealousy in both sexes, we see that male Chihuahuas are much more aggressive. Even though a male Chihuahua has an extrovert personality and makes friends easily, it still feels threatened by your new relations. He might even attack anyone who steals his spotlight.

Males are usually dominant and can’t tolerate an outsider. The same goes for male chihuahuas who need your constant attention. They follow you around and are the most loyal creatures.

In comparison to males, female Chihuahuas are composed and calm. They do not feel easily threatened as they have an independent personality. In other words, female Chihuahuas do not need 24/7 attention. 

Still, it isn’t always gender-based. There are exceptions present. No matter what the gender of your dog might be, it can get angry. Everything depends on their experience and lifestyle.

How to Deal With a Jealous Chihuahua?

Dealing with a jealous Chihuahua isn’t easy, but yes, it is possible. With a good routine, you can make things better. However, you must put in the extra dedication to solve the issue. Jealousy is a dangerous feeling. It can drive your pet to do extreme things.

You should watch their temperament and behavior. Note the changes in their mood or activities. You could keep a diary with you to record your findings. Once you see a pattern, you can take corrective measures.

Start by training your dog to accept and love the new person in your life. It could be your close relative or someone distant. Make them a part of the activities you do with your Chihuahua or enlist their help in managing duties related to your pet.

The more your pet and friends interact, the quicker they form a bond with one another. When your Chihuahua starts to see your best friend as their friend, the hostilities decrease, and he thinks the person is on his side. 

Similarly, preparing your pet in advance is a great way to make him cope with the upcoming changes. Make your Chihuahua spend a few hours daily with a new person to adapt to the environment, and don’t give one person more attention than the other.

For your Chihuahua to be at peace, make them feel relaxed. Once you give the same amount of attention and time to each pet, no one will feel jealous or aggressive.

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