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Shih Tzu is a cute adorable dog with a beautiful coat that delights in the attention of everyone. Shih Tzu’s ’puppy eye’, long beautiful hair, and an elegantly tied topknot can have your heart. So, if you are looking for a pooch with good looks and a playful temperament, but the past encounter with a snippy Shih Tzu makes you think of, are Shih Tzu jealous dogs? Yes, Shih Tzu can get jealous

Let’s get a deep insight into why Shih Tzu gets jealous? and how to deal with Shih Tzu’s jealousy?

Characteristics of Shih Tzu Breed

Shih Tzu’s snobbish appearance gives a reflection of splendid background, and in past, they were kept by Chinese royal families. Shih Tzu dogs have large round eyes, drop ears, and tails curled over the back. They are a lovely toy breed who loves to be in the lap of their owner, want their unconditional love, and follow them from room to room. Their affectionate nature makes them get along with people of every age. Shih Tzu is a companion dog and is not bred for hunting or guarding purposes.

Can Shih Tzu Get Jealous?

Yes, Shih Tzu can get jealous of other dogs or people. Shih Tzu is not different from the other dogs and has the instinct of possession for their owners, other pets, place, and even their food. Lack of attention can also make them get jealous of anything that seeks their owner’s attention.

Why Do Shih Tzu Dogs Get Jealous?

Reasons behind the jealousy of a Shih Tzu can be variable but here is a sum of a few renowned reasons for jealousy.

Territorial and Possessive Behavior

Shih Tzu breed is very particular and protective of their food, toy, and place. The introduction of the new pet can induce territorial behavior and these pooches do not like to share their environment or any of the stuff with other pets. Sometimes jealous behavior can also be due to dominance issues between the pets. Shih Tzus are one-person dogs; they like everyone but get attached to one person only, so the interference of others along that one person can make them displeased.

Boredom and Threatening

The Shih Tzu breed has a playful happy temperament and is eager for the attention of pet parents. When you are engaged in some work, they do not have any playful activity to do and get bored. They can feel your attention to some other things which can ultimately preface jealousy. Shih Tzu can also feel threatened in his space by a toddler, who just learned to walk and does not know how to react to them.

Health Problems

 Any health problems that can make your pooch uncomfortable cause distress and irritating behavior in them. They do not feel like interacting and can give a snarly look to strangers. The interrupted routine can cause a problem in a friendly pooch’s behavior.

How to Find Out a Shih Tzu Is Getting Jealous?

Behavioral changes can give you a clue that your dog is getting jealous. These changes can vary in every Shih Tzu. Some possible signs are discussed here to notice the change in the behavior of your hairy friend.

Shih Tzu starts giving the aggressive look and aggression shows up in multiple ways. Like they start growling, barking at things to show up their jealousy and try to distract you from that thing, and is a way to express they are not liking your attention for other things.

Aggression is not always in growling, nipping, or biting rather pain, nervousness, or a frightened pet can also be alternative forms of aggression. Another clear sign of jealousy is withdrawn and depressed Shih Tzus start living aloof, and sulking off in the quiet part of the house.

An over-possessive Shih Tzu trying to poke his face in between you and your device, not getting out of your lap, or doing some destructive activities to attract your attention is a clear sign of their jealousy. Developing vices like disobeying pet parents, loud behaviors, marking the territories in the house by urination, showing dominancy in front of other pets or newbie toddlers, and chasing them away to protect their space.

How to Deal With Shih Tzu’s Jealousy?

To stop your Shih Tzu from getting jealous identify and deal with the cause of it. Possible ways to help a Shih Tzu’s parent to get over jealousy of his pooch are;

  1. Observe the type of behavioral changes your dog going through, and then try to eliminate the cause by giving your attention. Try to make this lap pooch feel secure and loved. Be consistent in spending snuggling time with them.
  2. Socialization at an early age is an important necessity for the social temperament of the Shih Tzu breed. A regular walk can give them time to interact with other pets and people which can positively impact their bond with other pets, and lower their territorial and jealous behavior.
  3. Engage in fun programs and exercises that can help to stimulate their brain functioning and reduce their boredom. Involvement in playful activities can help to distract their attention from owners’ work and prevent the development of vices in the dog.
  4. In case of the addition of a new family member or pet allow the proper time for your Shih Tzu to get comfortable with the addition. Start with short interaction between Shih Tzu and the new member in your presence. Reward them with treats in form of a favorite food or praise for behaving well.
  5. Try to avoid favoritism in the case of multiple pets, since Shih Tzu is a one-person dog and can easily notice things deviating from the owner’s attention.


So far you may have got the answers to your questions. To conclude, are Shih Tzu jealous dogs? Yes, they can get jealous. Though Shih Tzu is a friendly family breed at times gets over-possessive and starts feeling jealous. However, jealous behavior can be corrected by socialization, proper training, and love.

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