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Dogs are loyal creatures by nature, especially Border Collies. Sometimes, loyalty can result in your pup being overprotective of you and exhibiting other jealous behaviors. When jealous, your Border Collie may even become possessive of you. This can lead to jealous behavior like whining, barking, and nipping.

Besides their natural instincts, causes for jealousy in Border Collies can include changes in their routine or environment. They’ll likely begin showing jealousy through their body language, but their behavior can quickly escalate to more serious misbehaving. Luckily, Border Collies are intelligent creatures, and will likely be responsive to training that combats this behavior. 

If you’re a current or prospective Border Collie owner, don’t despair. This breed can make amazing pets! They simply need proper care and training to help them overcome their jealousy.

Why Do Border Collies Get Jealous?

Some of the reasons Border Collies get jealous are unique to their breed traits. However, there are some more general reasons/causes that can apply to any breed. In this section, you’ll learn all the reasons why Border Collies specifically get jealous as well as general causes of jealousy in dogs. 

Jealous Traits in Border Collies

Border Collies have been called the “brainiacs of the dog world.” This is likely because they were bred to work together with humans. It makes sense that a Border Collie might naturally be inclined to want to please their owners and receive praise for doing so.

Seeing their owner give praise to someone else may upset the Border Collie. This can possibly trigger feelings of jealousy, too. Based on the Collie’s nature, they may feel they have to constantly be earning your love, even though of course that isn’t true.

General Causes of Jealousy

All dogs can get jealous sometimes. Common causes of jealousy in dogs include changes in their schedule and moving into a new home. Other common causes revolve around new people and pets.

New additions to the family like a puppy, new partner, or new baby can certainly leave your pup feeling envious. Even humans can struggle to adapt to change, so it seems it’s only natural for dogs to have the same problem. They may become increasingly clingy to their owner, as you are the most constant thing to them at the moment.

Signs of a Jealous Border Collie

Now that you know what traits and scenarios can cause jealousy in Border Collies, it’s time to learn how to identify the signs. Some behaviors of a jealous dog are cute at first, but can also escalate to poor behavior. Here are the signs you have a jealous Border Collie in your life.

1. Being Aggressive

Things like growling, nipping, barking, and especially chasing are all aggressive signs of a jealous BC. This aggression could be because your Collie is being overprotective of you. It could also be a sign they’ve simply had enough of you giving attention to someone else.

2. Demanding Attention

In an effort to take your attention away from a person or another pet, the Collie may act out in a variety of ways. They may do things like getting in your face, barking or whining at you, or even being destructive with their toys or your belongings. Navigating this behavior can feel tough for owners as they know their dog just wants attention, but it’s important to reprimand your pup when they display this behavior.

3. Being Clingy

Clinginess is a more passive-aggressive way your dog may deal with their jealousy. Border Collie owners may be used to their dog following them from room to room anyway. This is because they tend to bond with one person. If the Collie isn’t getting the level of companionship it needs from its owner, their clingy behavior can escalate to jumping on you and getting in your face.

4. Trying to Chase Others Away

Expanding upon the aggressive behavior of chasing, this sign of jealousy is especially relevant to Border Collies. This is because chasing is natural behavior for Border Collies. Chasing probably isn’t a big deal to owners until their Collie starts chasing new people and pets, nipping at their heels in an effort to “herd” them.

5. Accidents in the Home

Accidents in the home is a sign of jealousy in any dog, but especially in Collies. This is because they’re definitely smart enough to know better. Not only can this be a way to get attention, it can also be your dog’s way of marking its territory.

6. Resource Guarding

Border Collies can be possessive over their home, toys, food, and especially their owner. Your home is a safe space for both you and your dog. As naturally possessive pups, Border Collies may guard its resources, including you, from new people and pets. 

How Do I Stop My Border Collie From Being Jealous?

Border Collies aren’t naturally aggressive pets. However, they are extremely energetic, and may become hyperactive as a result. If a Border Collie doesn’t have sufficient exercise and mental stimulation, it may become unhappy and bored.

Combating boredom in your Collie may help curb any jealous behavior. Exercising is a natural stimulant, and should help the Border Collie hone their energy. This should also help combat possessiveness.

Additionally, try to make sure you’re providing your Border Collie with a consistent routine. Firm training will help provide them with the structure they need. It can also make it easier for them to adjust to change, which can be a common reason behind jealousy.

In Conclusion

Border Collies can make excellent companions. Even though they tend to love one person the most, they can be trained to not be possessive of that person. With time, Collies can even accept new people and pets into their pack.

If you’re a Border Collie owner, know that your pet adores you. Collies have worked with humans for hundreds of years. They’ll certainly be happy to work with you, their person, as you train them to not act out in jealousy and redirect their energy elsewhere. 

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