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As a pet lover, you may avoid calling it jealousy, but you must admit that the changes in your routine can disturb your dog. You may understand better if you have bought a new pet in your home recently and started spending some time with your new pet. 

You might be thinking, how does a jealous dog act? Dogs can become very territorial and protective of their owners. They may start excessive barking, whining, and even aggression when they feel their owner is not giving them proper attention. 

It’s essential to understand how a dog’s jealousy can affect its behavior and what steps you need to take to ensure that it feels secure and loved.

In this article, we’ll discuss how a jealous dog behaves, what are the causes of jealousy, and how to deal with him.

Signs of a Jealous Dog

Before dealing with a jealous dog, you need to understand its behavior. Following are a few signs of jealousy. 

  1.  Overeating or Underacting 

An abrupt change in your house or environment may cause your pet changes its eating habits which is a great sign of jealousy. Your dog may start overeating or he may stop eating. You need to be careful and address these issues as soon as possible because the change in eating habits can make him ill. 

  1. Excessive Barking or Whining 

Dogs show this behavior when you’re more attached to another person or animal, neglecting your furry friend, or engaging in other activities. Your dog may start barking or whining when he sees you playing with other pets or spending most of your time with someone else. 

  1. Attention Seeking Behavior 

Your dog may start doing things to get your attention, such as pawing at you for no apparent reason. For example, if you’re sitting on the couch and your cute puppy is lying on the floor, it may paw at you to get you to pet him. 

Howling is another behavior in dogs that shows their jealousy. If your dog begins howling when you leave the house, it may be because he wants you to stay with him and knows you’ll come to him if he makes enough noise. 

  1.  Hiding 

Some dogs are sensitive and start behaving differently when they are jealous. Disappearing is also a sign of jealousy in dogs. Your puppy may start ignoring you and start hiding.

  1. Destructive Behavior

If your dog starts biting or digging holes in the yard, he may be doing it because he’s anxious. These behaviors may only occur when you’re around and may become more frequent or intense when it feels like you’re giving attention to another pet or a baby. Jealous dogs may even become self-destructive and harm themselves. 

  1. Possessive Behavior

Jealous dogs may also become more possessive of their toys, food, or bed if someone tries to take them away. It’s normal if your dog shows a little possessive behavior. However, if he starts biting when you touch his toys, it can be a strong sign that your dog is jealous. 

  1. Chage in Toileting Habits

Trained dogs are usually pretty good about using the toilet but if you notice a change in its pooping or peeing habits, it is a clear sign that your dog is feeling jealous. As your little furry friend can’t communicate and express his feelings, he’ll try to convey his message creatively. 

Indoor toileting can be frustrating and messy, but it’s essential to remain patient and help your dog re-establish good habits. If there is no change in your household or you are paying the same attention, you must keenly observe his routine because it can also be a health issue. 

How to Overcome Jealousy in Dogs? 

If you see any of these behaviors in your lovely dog, it’s necessary to address the jealousy before it becomes a bigger problem. Following are a few tips to help your pet behave normally. 

Regular Training

As a pet owner, you may not have trained your dog for long due to your busy schedule. If this is the reason, you should spend more time with your dog to re-build your bond with him. Do some new and exciting exercises with your furry friend to bring a pleasant change in his life. 

Your little effort can help your pet get out of the negative emotions. If your pup is so stubborn, you can get help from a dog trainer. 

Healthy Routine

Dogs love following a routine. If your dog is missing something from its daily routine due to another pet that has become a new member of your family, you can add an exciting activity to its daily routine. This can be a morning walk, eating treats, or playing a game. This way, he will feel like following an old routine. 

If you still find signs of jealousy in your dog, you should go back to the old routine. This is how you will be able to comfort him and bring a positive change in his life. 


It’s essential to address any signs of jealousy in your dog early on so that the behavior doesn’t worsen over time. 

If you think jealousy is the root cause, try giving your dog extra attention. Don’t fret if your dog has an accident indoors; you should remain calm, patient and help them get back on track. 

You should provide plenty of exercise, attention, and training for your pet to help them understand that they don’t need to be possessive of everything to get attention. 

With love and affection, you can help your jealous dog learn to cope with his emotions and live a happy life. 

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