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A jealous dog will display its jealousy in a variety of ways. Depending on the dog’s temperament, it may become aggressive towards the person or pet that it is jealous of. This aggressive behavior could well cause it to become dangerous. 

It is important to deal with a jealous dog promptly, for the safety of all concerned. This is particularly true if it is a large, powerful dog, although even small dogs can inflict a nasty bite. 

Many guarding breeds may show aggression when they are jealous. However, even docile dogs may attack out of jealousy.

There have been cases of jealous dogs causing injury and even death to other people, particularly children, and other pets. In order to avoid a potentially tragic situation, you should promptly deal with any aggressive behavior on the part of your dog. 

What Can Cause a Jealous Dog to Become Dangerous?

The dog views its family as its pack. The dog’s jealousy is usually a result of its fear that it will be supplanted in the pack’s order by the new addition.

A dog will display its jealousy in a variety of ways. This can include growling and barking at the pet or person that is causing the jealousy. 

After a while, this can lead to the dog attacking and biting the person.

The dog may also attempt to get the attention of its owner by biting and nipping. 

Many dogs become jealous when a baby is born. Babies and toddlers are extremely vulnerable to dog attacks and even small dogs can do serious damage to children.

Dogs may also become jealous of your new partner or friend. This could escalate to the dog actually attacking the person that it is jealous of.

A jealous dog may also show hostility to a new pup, bird or kitten, which can also lead to very unfortunate results. 

Signs a Jealous Dog May Be Dangerous

Dogs display their jealousy in a variety of ways, but if they show any signs of aggression towards the person or pet they are jealous of, it is a sign that it may pose a threat to their safety.

Dogs will first display their aggression by growling and barking. They may also bare their teeth and the hackles of their back may rise. This is an important sign that the dog is angry and is becoming hostile.

This behavior may then progress to biting. This may range from a small nip to a severe bite. Even if a bite doesn’t draw blood, it is a serious signal that the dog has become dangerous.

Many people excuse the initial signs, believing that it is a one time occurrence, just a phase or the result of a temporary temper tantrum. However, it is important to take action, particularly if the dog has already shown signs of jealousy, as it indicates that it is becoming aggressive.

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