Can I Give A Bath To A 2-3 Month Old Puppy?

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So you went and got yourself a puppy! Congratulations, you’re in for some fun times together. Puppies are adorable, but one thing puppies love to do is roll around in the dirt and muck.

They are curious, playful creatures that always seem to find the most rotten, muddiest puddle and decide to make it their personal playground. And then they have the nerve to trudge through your home and try to get on your bed! 

Well, you’re probably going to have to give them a bath first, unless you want muddy paw prints all over your rug and couch. Up until they are about eight weeks old, their mother cleans them with her tongue, grooming them from head to toe. 

After eight weeks, however, it’s going to be on YOU to keep your new pup clean. In this blog post, we’ll look at how to bathe a young puppy, what you should be using, and what to look out for.  

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How To Clean A Young Puppy

After eight weeks is when a puppy leaves their littermates and mom. Young puppies below the age of eight weeks shouldn’t be bathed, but merely wiped down with a wet cloth, similar to a mother’s grooming. 

A puppy older than eight weeks (two months) can be bathed, albeit very carefully, and preferably with natural, organic puppy shampoo. 

Here are some tips to help you give your pup their first human bath.

1. Use An Appropriate Shampoo

You’ll need a puppy shampoo that is appropriate to the coat type. If your pup has a long coat, get something with moisturizers and beneficial oils to keep the tangles out. If your pup has a short coat, get something with more oil to avoid stripping the skin of natural oils and drying it out.

In addition, puppies are sensitive creatures, so you might want to get a puppy-specific shampoo or something gentle for sensitive skin. Whenever possible, choose to go organic and natural with no harsh chemicals or dyes. 

Do NOT use a human-grade shampoo, even a baby shampoo. Humans and dogs have different pH levels and even a gentle shampoo might be too harsh on your puppy’s coat. 

2. Prepare Loads Of Treats

The last thing you want is to give your puppy a bad experience and put him off baths altogether. When preparing to bathe your pup for the first time, make sure you have a TON of yummy treats on hand and constantly treat and praise your pup during the bath so that he associates bath time with something good.

If your pup is particularly fussy and tries to escape, you can try something like the Aquapet Lick-Mat. Coat the mat with unsalted peanut butter, smushed bananas or something healthy, then freeze it. When it’s bath time, simply mount this onto your bathroom wall with the included suction cup. 

It should keep your pup busy while you go ahead with the bath! 

3. Watch The Water Temperature

Puppies are sensitive, and you don’t want to have water that’s too cold or too warm. Make sure you test the water temperature thoroughly on a sensitive part of your body like the inside of your forearm or wrist to make sure the temp is perfect before dousing your pooch.

Final Thoughts 

Doggy baths are part and parcel of being a dog parent. By setting the stage and doing it right the first time, your pup will learn to enjoy puppy bath times and you’ll get one clean pup! 

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